Collection: Wedding Styling Guide

Groom Wedding Styling Tips
When it comes to wedding attire Grooms have many options to choose from. Whilst the options can seem endless we advise choosing a suit that reflects your style and complements the wedding theme. Invest in a classic colour like navy or tan for multiple uses. Choose a simple fabric that can be dressed up or down with different shirts.
Ushers Wedding Styling Tips
Ushers play a vital role in weddings, and their attire should reflect their significance. Coordinate with the groom to create a polished and cohesive look. Tweed suits are a great choice for rustic weddings, and a blazer and chino combination can be a budget-friendly alternative. Looking for a look to make an impact? In 2024, a black tie theme is expected to be highly popular, and it's a great opportunity to choose a suit that can be worn for many special occasions in the future.
Guest Wedding Styling Tips
As a wedding guest, it’s important to find the happy balance between being well-dressed and not taking attention away from the Groom. Choose a suit that aligns with the theme of the wedding, if it’s a semi-formal wedding go for a blazer and chino combination. Wedding more formal? Opt for a three-piece suit with a sharp shirt. Pay attention to your accessories and choose classic colours and patterns that will elevate your look and make a memorable but subtle impression. 
Casual Dress Code
A casual dress code for a wedding is a nice way for the bride and groom to give you permission to essentially wear whatever you want. This is great for those not wanting to splash out on a new formal outfit that will most likely just be worn once and instead just create an outfit using any blazer or shirt you already own. For this dress code, a full suit is not necessary, you can get away with wearing just a shirt or blazer with a pair of chinos or trousers, and any pair of shoes you wish. Have fun with more vibrant colours and patterns, whether you choose to draw your inspiration from  seasonal tones or the wedding colour scheme, a casual wedding is your chance to get creative with your look.